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Carolyne's research was commissioned by Sandals Resorts after they noticed a spike in wedding bookings for the February period. According to Carolyne, while 20th February is the best single date to get married, in general is a favourable time to enter into a commitment like marriage. This is because Saturn is shifting from its native sign of Capricorn where it's been since into "the idealistic and forward-thinking sign of Aquarius in , joining Jupiter.

She adds: " is the reboot of the age of Aquarius, and this will promote awareness, tolerance, compassion and equality.

Astrology: The Biggest Events of the Year

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Significance of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction ~ Podcast

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Adobest Getty Images. Anastasia Shemetova Getty Images. In in just one year , three conjunctions of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter initiate new planetary cycles that will unfold over the next three decades. These transits are not merely events to anticipate, live through, and then be grateful that is over. They set the tone for an ongoing process that will play out in ways that we cannot totally predict.

Much will depend on the level of consciousness of the human players and how we choose to use the energies available to us during this time. The rare alignments of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn occurs only once every years, marking the ending of an era, and the birth of a new paradigm with respect to both individual and collective power and resources. The intensity and impact of these rendezvous cannot be underestimated or taken lightly.

They are not just events that pass, are over, and we forget about them.

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Pluto and Saturn are passing through Capricorn in so we are getting a taste of what is to come. We are already experiencing intense challenges.

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Locate where 24 degrees Capricorn fall in your birth chart to identify where you are being the most impacted. Planets, Sun, Moon, rising sign in Capricorn and Cancer will be the most intensely activated. However, in some way these alignments are initiating new beginnings for everyone. In we are supported in getting ready for We seriously need to take advantage of Jupiter in Sagittarius to align with the higher frequencies of love and release past fear programs and conditioning.

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When things get heavy in , we can thrive if we are solidly connected to and living in our hearts. Pluto exposes the true nature of our problems and requires fundamental change. There is nothing superficial about Pluto. We can only be comforted by the fact that Pluto exposes what must be revealed for us to move forward and to live more conscious, productive, and authentic lives. The Pluto process is by its very nature uncomfortable at best, and extremely painful if we resist.

The best strategy is to agree to wake up and face what has been tormenting us, maybe for our whole lives. The promise is freedom from inner torment.