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As U.S. Rep. Hayes feuds with CT news outlets, some ask ‘why?’

After this date, opinions seem to differ on the method by which the leap years would have been determined if the calendar were still in force. There are at least four hypotheses used to convert dates from the Gregorian calendar:. The following table shows when several years of the Republican Era begin on the Gregorian calendar, according to each of the four above methods:. For this calendar, the Romme method of calculating leap years is used. Other methods may differ by one day. Time may be cached and therefore not accurate.

Decimal time is according to Paris mean time, which is 9 minutes 21 seconds 6. Leap years in the calendar are a point of great dispute, due to the contradicting statements in the establishing decree [23] stating:. Each year begins at midnight, with the day on which the true autumnal equinox falls for the Paris Observatory. The four-year period, after which the addition of a day is usually necessary, is called the Franciade in memory of the revolution which, after four years of effort, led France to republican government. The fourth year of the Franciade is called Sextile.

These two specifications are incompatible, as leap years defined by the autumnal equinox in Paris do not recur on a regular four-year schedule. Shortly thereafter, he was sentenced to the guillotine, and his proposal was never adopted and the original astronomical rule continued, which excluded any other fixed arithmetic rule. It also, by design, conflicted with Sunday religious observances. Another criticism of the calendar was that despite the poetic names of its months, they are tied to the climate and agriculture of metropolitan France and therefore not applicable to France's overseas territories.

Another famous revolutionary date is 9 Thermidor An II 27 July , the date the Convention turned against Robespierre , who, along with others associated with the Mountain , was guillotined the following day. Based on this event, the term "Thermidorian" entered the Marxist vocabulary as referring to revolutionaries who destroy the revolution from the inside and turn against its true aims. For example, Leon Trotsky and his followers used this term about Joseph Stalin.

The seafood dish Lobster Thermidor was named after the play Thermidor , set during the Revolution.

The date appears prominently on the entrance to the school. Neil Gaiman 's The Sandman series included a story called "Thermidor" that takes place in that month during the French Revolution. The Liavek shared world series uses a calendar that is a direct translation of the French Republican calendar.

US Heading To Get First Woman President?

Jacques Rivette 's film Celine and Julie Go Boating refers to the calendar and its hours of the day. Alain Tanner 's film Messidor presents a haphazard summer road trip of two young women in Switzerland. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Calendar used in France from to Main article: Decimal time. Main article: Sansculottides.

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II, pp. Bureau des longitudes. Archived from the original on 10 September Retrieved 30 January Carrigan, Jr. American Scientist , May—June , 66 3 : — The French revolution: a history. Retrieved 14 September Terwecoren The Book of Calendars. Gorgias Press. The Esoteric Codex: Obsolete Calendars.

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LULU Press. Escoffier: The King of Chefs. Continuum International Publishing Group. Retrieved 11 March Online Dictionary. Decree of the National Convention on the establishment of the Republican calendar. In the s and s, the newspaper and its veteran columnist Bertram de Souza played a critical role in exposing the corruption and buffoonery of wild-maned-demagogish-Trump-before-Trump U. Rep James Traficant.


Even as its staff was slashed in half over the years, the Vindicator continued to produce award-winning reporting about the opioid crisis and other local issues. I was in awe of that. After a decade in which a number of smaller towns than Youngstown have seen their local daily or weekly newspapers disappear , both academic studies and investigative reports have shown that costs to taxpayers on now-not-covered topics like municipal bond issues increase , while fewer people run for political offices or even vote in local elections they can no longer track from their front doorstep.

After the election, BuzzFeed found that in the preceding months the top 20 fake or distorted news stories about Trump or Hillary Clinton from deliberately manipulative websites received more social media shares than the top 20 mainstream, actual news stories. This is in addition to the conservative, pro-Trump media bubble like Fox News that rose up during the generation that newspapers like the Vindicator shrank or died.

It may be worse, and Team Trump seems to be counting on that. In other words, the exact same kind of demagoguery that lured thousands in Ohio into the KKK just a century ago. Correction: A previous version of this story misidentified reporter Kalea Hall.

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Opinion How the first U. The paper now features a new page lifestyle section for Sunday editions, a reconstituted editorial board, a new monthly magazine, and the newspaper print edition is wider. That level of expansion is stunning in an era where U. Inquirer Morning Newsletter. Richard F. They are about as far from click bait material as you can get. John McKinney, of Westport, a former Republican state senator and candidate for governor, said Hayes has obviously made a miscalculation, which threatens her long-term relationships with the Connecticut news media.

McKinney said that first-term members of Congress are better off immersing themselves in work, but times have changed. As August is about to yield to September, Hanley predicted the kerfuffle will be short-lived.

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