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In fact, he says he keeps a pair of shoes in his closet just in case God decides to bless him with a marvelous surprise. In accordance with current astrological omens, Aquarius, I suggest you make a similar gesture. Create or acquire a symbol of an amazing transformation you would love to attract into your life. Many resist being part of the Philippines and want their own sovereign nation.

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They have a lot of experience struggling for independence, as they've spent years rebelling against occupation by foreign powers, including Spain, the United States and Japan. I admire their tenacity in seeking total freedom to be themselves and rule themselves. May they inspire your efforts to do the same on a personal level in the coming year. But perhaps our opinion would become more expansive once we knew that he engaged in this stunt to raise money for a charity that supports people with cancer. In any case, the coming weeks would be a favorable time for you, too, to engage in extravagant, extreme, or even outlandish behavior on behalf of a good or holy cause.

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Since producing his first album in late , he has released other albums that span a wide variety of musical genres—an average of 23 per year. I propose that we make him your patron saint for the next six weeks.

While it's unlikely you can achieve such a gaudy level of creative self-expression, you could very well exceed a previous personal best in your own sphere. Yet Doyle was also a devout spiritualist who pursued interests in telepathy, the occult, and psychic phenomena. It's no surprise that he was a Gemini, an astrological tribe renowned for its ability to embody apparent opposites.

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Sometimes that quality is a liability for you folks, and sometimes an asset. In the coming weeks, I believe it'll be a highly useful skill. Your knack for holding paradoxical views and expressing seemingly contradictory powers will attract and generate good fortune.

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  • Harriet was far from her original home in the Galapagos Islands. By some accounts, evolutionary superstar Charles Darwin picked her up and carried her away during his visit there in I propose that you choose the long-lived tortoise as your power creature for the coming weeks. With her as inspiration, meditate on questions like these: 1. LEO July Aug. Even if that's true, I don't think it detracts from the beauty of "Because.

    What could you do in reverse so as to create an interesting novelty? What approach might you invert in order to instigate fresh ways of doing things? Is there an idea you could turn upside-down or inside-out, thereby awakening yourself to a new perspective? If you strip off its outer layer, you get amadou, spongy stuff that's great for igniting fires.

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    It's not used much anymore, but it was a crucial resource for some of our ancestors. As for the word "amadou," it's derived from an old French term that means "tinder, kindling, spunk. In accordance with astrological omens, I'm making Amadou your nickname for the next four weeks. Unfortunately, most of us aren't skilled at that task in adolescence and early adulthood. The selves we create may be inadequate or delusory or distorted.


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    Fortunately, as we learn from our mistakes, we eventually learn to give birth to selves that are strong and righteous. The only problem is that the old false selves we generated along the way may persist as ghostly echoes in our psyche. And we have a sacred duty to banish those ghostly echoes. I tell you this, Taurus, because the coming months will be an excellent time to do that banishing.

    Ramp up your efforts NOW! He quickly amended that statement, though, mourning, "The only thing that could spoil a day was people. CANCER June 21—July 22 : It's time to prove that Cancerians have more to offer than nurturing, empathizing, softening the edges, feeling deeply, getting comfortable, and being creative. Not that there's anything wrong with those talents. On the contrary!

    They're beautiful and necessary. It's just that for now you need to avoid being pigeonholed as a gentle, sensitive soul. To gather the goodies that are potentially available to you, you'll have to be more forthright and aggressive than usual. Is it possible for you to wield a commanding presence? Can you add a big dose of willfulness and a pinch of ferocity to your self-presentation?

    Yes and yes! It wasn't commercially successful.

    One critic said it looked like "an angry kitchen appliance," and many others agreed it was exceptionally unstylish. The show's protagonist, Walter White, owned one, and that motivated some of his fans to emulate his taste in cars. In accordance with astrological omens, Leo, I suspect that something of yours may also enjoy a second life sometime soon. An offering that didn't get much appreciation the first time around may undergo a resurgence. Help it do so.

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    She's referring to the hunger "for anything, for food, sex, power, education, even love. We are supposed to be objects of desire, not desiring beings. That's more true if you're a woman, but also important if you're a man or another gender. You have a potential to heal deeply if you get very clear about what you hunger for and then express it frankly. LIBRA Sept 23—Oct 22 : Only one of Nana Mouskouri's vocal cords works, but over the course of an almost year career, the Libran singer has sold more than 30 million records in 12 different languages.